Zalj collection

It is with this name that in the Eastern world, a single piece of mosaic is identified. A set of fragments, of materials, more or less precious, which skilfully combined, give rise to a harmonious symphony of colors, shapes and history.

Mario D’Aquino, presents in this collection, some pieces, which tell, through the reinterpretation of objects, the world of memory of the Salentine people.

Complements or pieces whose shape evolves over the centuries, vividly rewriting the history of styles and that of uses and customs.

  • Mario D'Aquino
  • Zalj Design

Mario D’Aquino

Mario D’aquino was born in Gallipoli in 1964. The colors, the atmospheres, the simple beauty of the Salento lands have always influenced the shape and ideas of his way of doing design.
In 1989 he founded Prospettica Officine e Design , carrying out design and consultancy activities in the field of interior architecture, furnishing accessories and bio-architecture.
With Prospettica, Mario D’Aquino participates in national and international events and competitions and carries out numerous collaborations in the private construction sector, signing projects recognized and published in the best sector magazines.

  • Divano Canapè
  • Ciotola Pane e Acqua
  • Camino Fuocodue

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