Canapè sofa

Sofa in felt, natural cotton and hemp.

Sofa in felt, natural cotton and hemp.

Canapè❞ is inspired by the stone seats of the old country houses in Salento. The massive and imposing armrest reinterprets the masonry; while the presence of decorations and macramé lace recall the hand-woven linen blankets and towels, with designs from the past. The fringe of the sofa was made by skilled Salento weavers, who work with ancient four-heddle looms, using techniques dating back hundreds of years. It is a single piece of variable length (da 2,30 a 4,60 mt).


white felt and fiberglass | cm L 230 x h 105 | Cod. 003SFWC | € 4.800,00 | £ 3.480,00
natural cotton and fiberglass | cm L 230 x h 105 | Cod. 003SCBC | € 4.300,00 | £ 3.112,00

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